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Changing Worlds Chapter 8: Marks
The measuring tape wrapped around Sniper's leg. Rarity looked closely, then wrote down another number on the slowly growing list of measurements.
“I didn't know you'd need this many measurements, Rarity."
"Well, some seamstresses might only take two or three, but I pride myself on making everything fit absolutely perfectly. Now hold still for just a touch longer. I have one more to take." She wrapped the tape around his chest, marking the final number with a flourish. "There we go! I must say, I'm glad to see you came in so quickly for your fitting. I have a distinct feeling the others are going to take a bit more pestering." She put the notepad and measuring tape on her desk as Sniper stepped off the small pedestal. "I can't believe I get this chance. Sales at the boutique jumped quite a bit after last year's Gala. Can you imagine what will happen when they see the six dresses from last year plus two new designs AND a set of tuxedos? I'l
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Changing Worlds Chapter 7: Christmas Special
A wicked winter wind tugged on the scarf wrapped around the stallion's neck. The snow swirled around him angrily, as he squinted through a pair of goggles to see where he was going. The powder stopped his vision only a few feet in front of him, and large mounds of snow, making the trek difficult. After several minutes of pushing against the wind, he finally saw his destination.
The door to Heavy's shop opened, and the group inside looked toward the door. The white backdrop outside highlighted the stallion in a white parka, hood and ski mask blocking everything on his face except for the goggles covering his eyes.
"AH! IS WHITE DEATH!" Heavy dove behind Spy, covering his head.
"Get up you moron, it's only Sniper." Spy shook his head at the pathetic display. Heavy stood up as the Stallion removed his hood to reveal the Australian's mane.
"Cripes, it bloody freezin out. Not sure why you sent me to get the damn supplies, Heavy is used to this kind a' cold."
"Heavy was busy cooking." Heavy
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 21 16
Changing Worlds Chapter 6: Someone Like Me
"Everyone ready?" Twilight grinned at the group before her.
"One question... Why am I here again?" Medic looked at the wires that were taped to him. A helmet covered in similar wires rested on his head. Next to him, Pyro, Heavy, and Soldier were in similar setups, although Soldier was tied in his chair after he headbutted Spike trying to escape. The wires led to the complex machinery in the center of Twilight's basement.
"Ever since Pyro showed me that she could do magic, I've been trying to find similar occurrences. I couldn't find any research into non-unicorns performing magic. I wasn't sure how she could possibly do it, until Soldier was reported to jump 25 feet-"
"27 feet, thank you."
"Anyway, after that I asked Pyro if there were any other occurrences in your world that were magic-like. She mentioned Heavy could do some kind of 'finger-gun', and Scout could jump in mid-air. Although Scout's ability is kinda redundant now, it's worth noting. I think the non-unicorn magic might be
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 18 13
Changing Worlds Chapter 5: Bootcamp
As the carriage crested the hill, the group caught sight of the splendor of Canterlot. "Alright everypony!" Celestia called to the napping group behind her. "We've arrived!" They rolled to a stop, and Celestia exited first, letting the others through the front doors of the vehicle. The two day flight back from the island meeting had let everyone catch up on any rest they had lost during their visit with the dignitaries. Luna trotted out, dreamy look still evident on her face, though she had mostly returned to normal. Spy was next, popping his back loudly after sleeping rather ungracefully on floors for the past few days. Trixie levitated the spoils she gathered on the island, while Soldier avoided the door altogether and climbed over the side. He landed flat on his back, but quickly popped back up.
"Okay, everypony! Excellent job!" Celestia cheerfully shouted to the guards. "You all may take your well deserved rests." The guards trotted away. Luna nodded and went off to her room to unp
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 18 33
Changing Worlds Ch 4: Fire in the Sky
A pair of pegasi shot past the finish line, the yellow and red coats blurring together to make it impossible to tell who was first. "You know I won that!" Pyro glared at Scout.
"No way, man! Ain't no way you're faster than me!" Scout and Pyro got up in each other's faces, trying to stare the other down.
"Fluttershy!" Both turned to the one who was supposed to watch for the final judging. "Who won?" Both yelled at the same time. The pegasus shrunk from them.
"Uhm... you both win?" She timidly said. They groaned.
"Ugh. One more time." Pyro lined back up at the starting line. "Remember, it's to the tree, up to that cloud, circle back to the tree and over the finish line. Although if that's too confusing for you, you could just follow me." She smirked
"You can keep tryin' all ya want, it ain't gonna do nothin. We both know I was the fastest thing in 2Fort"
"You may be a fast runner, but you fly like a duck. I, on the other hand," She spread her wings wide. "I fly like a phoenix."
The two l
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 31 46
Changing Worlds Ch 3: Cloak and Dagger
'How did I get myself into this?'
Spy's brain worked as fast as it could, given the war zone around him. The snow on the ground was slowly disappearing as volley after volley rocked their makeshift shelter.
His horn shimmered, and he disappeared from view. He stepped gingerly around the snow, not wanting to leave any trace of himself. As the specter crossed the battlefield undetected, his mind traveled to what led him here.
"Miss Sparkle, I must thank you for this opportunity." The dark blue unicorn adjusted the saddlebag on his back. A light blue glow that was not his own enveloped his tie, adjusting it tightly. "Miss Rarity, you're choking me" The magic dispelled, and Spy readjusted the tie himself. Rarity grinned sheepishly. The fasionista admired her own hard work, a tuxedo in the spitting image of the suit she wore only two months ago, now made for Spy's new job.
"Celestia's ambassador," Twilight read the letter again. She had asked Celestia if there was any place in her cas
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 28 28
Changing Worlds Ch 2: Heavy's Sandvich Emporium
The town started to quiet down in the days that followed the ponies return. Attention had started diverting away from the girls of Equestria and more towards the counterparts that had come back with them. Not helping the interest in the new arrivals was their lack of a real place to stay. The girls' hooves were full dealing with problems that had arisen in their absence, leaving the team to find shelter on their own.
They trekked the town, looking down every road for buildings that were unoccupied or renting. But the search proved fruitless until they turned down the street and spotted a sign in front of a large building.
"For sale by owner? Guys, I think I found something!" Ms. Pauling shouted, leading them to the building's dilapidated doors. The place had not seen much maintenance, with windows nearly falling out of their panels and boards gracing holes in the walls.
"It's a dump," Scout said plainly
"It'd make nice firewood," Pyro got an unnerving gleam in her eyes.
"Look, I know i
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 38 31
Changing Worlds Chapter 1: Letters
Scout banked left, feathers the color of the Autumn leaves around him making minute adjustments to keep him in the air. With the wind picking up, he needed to finish his route, and fast. Ever since Derpy had taken a few days of absence to spend time with Dinky, he had taken up her position as the mailpony of Ponyville. Personally, he thought he was getting pretty good, although a few errors had slipped through. It was taxing, and secretly he hoped that she would return soon. He knocked on the oak door of the library. A violet unicorn answered.
"Hello, Scout!
"Hey, Twi. Got a package for ya"
"Yeah, from Davinport's. He said it was a set of quills you'd ordered. Also tried ta sell me a sofa for 20 minutes," He rifled around the bags at his side, pulling a long box out. A purple glow enveloped it.
"Tell me about it. The only reason I have a pull out sofa is because I felt so sorry for him," She put the box away. "Well, I won't keep you any longer, I sure you've got quite a bit
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 64 73
Teamwork is Magic Chapter 10
Everyone turned to the two entering the room. "Oh thank goodness, she's alright" All of them were in a large circle, surrounding a body on a cot.
"Engi!" The man had a dilapidated medigun trained on him. "What happened!?"
"The… RED Spy," he said through gritted teeth, obviously in pain. He was covered in bloody bandages, mainly around his chest and arms.  "He ambushed me… Twilight, he took the plans"
The sentence hit her like a freight train. She looked around quickly, trying to piece it all together "No...No!"
"Dat's not the only thing he took…" Scout's voice was barely audible, but he pointed to the regenerator. A large section was covered in knife marks, and was sparking wildly. "Ain't no respawnin anymore"
"How'd he get in!?"
"Don't know. Doesn't matter. It's all over," Scout said more to his hands than anyone in particular, head clasped tightly. "We're done"
Twilight looked around at the melancholy faces. They had all given up hope. Just like Scout. Even P
:iconxaldensmutanthamster:Xaldensmutanthamster 84 189
Teamwork is Magic Chapter 9
"…Some say that when the moon is right… and the ground is fresh… The Horseless Headless Horsemann will rise from his grave again and wreak havoc on the living once more" The Sniper looked around slowly, the light from the campfire highlighting his features in shadow. The girls were all huddled close together, shivering from the story he had finished. He gave a light laugh and retreated from the flames, casting him in a much more pleasant light. "'Corse that won't happen again. Ol' Silas hasn't shown up since Halloween last year. And I doubt he'd grace us with an appearance this year"
"How on earth did you defeat him at all!?" Twilight was playing the story in her mind. A monster destroying the team, it's jack-o-lantern grin belaying the carnage it wrought.
"A lot of bullets"
"RAUGHHH!!!" The ponies all let out a shrill scream at the Pumpkin headed Creature turning the corner, arms extended and flailing a brutal looking axe. Their screams were intermixed, however, with la
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